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The Gem of The Future

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite – commonly known as ‘Moissy’ (sounds like Moy–Zee) is a relatively new gemstone in the jewellery industry that is quickly gaining rapid popularity.  Made of silicon carbide (SiC), Moissanite was originally discovered by a French scientist named Henri Moissan in 1893 when he was investigating a crater in Arizona after a meteorite had crashed to Earth.

Originally, he hypothesized that he had found diamond remnants (which are made of carbon) but realized that the natural composition of this new stone was very different.  Often referred as the gem ‘born from the stars’, the Moissanite was born.  It remains such a rare material that moissanite found in the earth is too scarce to be able to create jewellery from.  With modern technology, science has been able to create this gem in laboratory settings to give us this extraordinary gemstone.

Why Choose Moissanite?

Value & Affordability


To purchase a 1 carat loose diamond stone (without the ring setting) of excellent cut, colour and clarity can cost on average $8k to $11k depending upon the location of purchase.  In comparison, a moissanite of equal specifications will cost under $1000.  This is approximately a 80-90% savings.  With a moissanite you can obtain a ring with the carat size you truly desire, without going into debt.  In this day in age with the cost of living rising, more people are saving their money towards other priorities – wedding, travel, mortgage, RESPS, retirement savings etc.  Moissanites are the economical choice, without having to sacrifice your individual style and taste.

Conflict Free/Eco-Friendly


As moissanite created for jewellery are lab grown, they are not associated with harming the environment by over mining, issues of child labour, and war conflict in developing nations.  There are no negative impacts upon the environment nor any inhumane treatment of individuals.  When you make the smart decision to choose moissanite, you will have peace-of-mind purchasing a piece of jewellery in line with your personal ethics and values.



Unlike the varying qualities of diamond, our moissanites are all ideal/excellent cut and eye clean (VS1 or higher).  Professional gem cutters ensure that each piece is cut specifically to maximize sparkle and shine of every single gemstone.  To the naked eye, one cannot detect visible inclusions (if any) within the stone without a jeweller’s loupe.

Moissanites also have unmatched colour due to its production in a controlled laboratory setting.  Moissanites are offered in the E-F colour range (colourless/ultra white) and G-H colour range (near colourless/very slight warmth).


Moissanites are extremely durable gemstones and a perfect choice to use in everyday jewellery.  Hardness is measured on the MOHS scale and moissanites are rated 9.25/10 (diamonds are rated 10/10).  This means unless there is friction from another moissanite or diamond, it is extremely resistant to chipping/scratching/being affected by the elements.  Moissanites outrank other gemstones in durability that are popular in fine jewellery such as sapphire, morganite, aquamarine, topaz, etc.

Optical Properties/Fire & Brilliance & Lustre

Moissanites are the most brilliant gemstone in the world with a refractive index ranging from approx. 2.65-2.69 (vs. 2.42 of a diamond).  This means that moissanites outshine every stone in the world in its ‘sparkle’.  In its lustre, moissanites are also the #1 top rated gem with a score of 20% (vs. 17% of a diamond).  Last but not least, moissanites reflect light like no other gemstone in the way it processes wavelengths of white light into rainbows of colour.  It exhibits more than double the fire of a diamond.

Carat Size/Millimetres

Moissanites offer all the size you desire with a lighter weight than diamonds by approximately 10%.  While diamonds are typically measured by carat weight, moissanites are described/sold in values of mm (millimetres) measurement due to its weight difference to diamonds.  For example, a diamond measuring 6.5mm is equal to 1 carat weight, while a moissanite of 6.5mm will weight approximately .88 carat.  Though visually they are the same physical size, their weight is slightly different.  This makes moissanite ideal for jewellery styles requiring larger stones.  For your convenience, all jewellery listed on our site lists both the millimetre measurements and the diamond equivalent weight (DEW) in carats.

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