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Our Vision

Our dream is to provide customers access to non-conflict, environmentally-conscious, affordable, and luxurious jewellery made from the magnificent gemstone of Moissanite.  Based in London Ontario Canada, The Moissy Box is an online shop providing clients a large array of moissanite rings and jewellery to choose from in our collections, as well as providing the option to customize the ring of your dreams!

Diamond jewellery is soon becoming a trend of the past as more consumers are educating themselves about diamond alternatives in both bridal and fine jewellery.  Moissanites outshine diamonds (both figuratively and literally) as they are conflict-free, eco-friendly sustainable gems that do not harm the environment, cost approximately 80% less than diamonds, and will give you the sparkle and shine you truly desire without sacrificing carat size or design.  Its fire and brilliance are incomparable to any other gemstone on earth.  The Moissy Box understands that as consumers become more conscious of their spending with the rise of the cost of living, moissanite jewellery will soon dominate the world as the number one diamond alternative.


Please read ‘All About Moissanite’ to learn more about this magnificent gemstone and why it is the best choice for jewellery that will last through many generations.


At the Moissy Box we are here to provide you quality, trend-setting Moissanite pieces and top-notch customer service all in the comfort of your own home.

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